Pre & Post Workout Formula
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Formulated to work as a satisfying meal.


The dotFIT Pre/Post Workout Formula & Meal Replacement™ can help everyone accomplish two important health, sport and fitness goals:

  • Consuming convenient and satisfying meals and snacks in fewer calories – a necessity for proper weight control in the 21st century.
  • Consuming ideal amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat in a form that can be rapidly digested before and immediately after exercise. Doing so enhances workouts, recovery and performance.

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Figure 1: Training results from 23 experienced recreational bodybuilders resistance training for 10 weeks with all things (diet, supplements, training, etc.) equal except the addition of pre/post feedings. Significantly greater gains in body mass, LBM & strength were realized for the pre/post feeding subjects with a concurrent reduction in fat mass.

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Pre & Post Workout Formula

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