Nutrition Challenge- Become Your Own Success Story
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The Nutrition Challenge is an online challenge that incorporates nutrition to help with dietary needs. According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 78 million adults—more than a third of the U.S. population—are obese. Nutrition has become a priority in the lives of most individuals who are looking to live healthier lives. Choosing the right foods can be essential when it comes to maintaining good emotional, psychological and physical health. Exercise without nutrition is only half the battle.

Some diet plans can restrict us from the nutritional necessities that are needed to overcome obesity. In order to utilize nutrition properly we must be aware that our body needs a balance nutritional diet (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals). We use nutrition to help others lose unwanted pounds and  transform their bodies into lean mean machines.      

The Nutrition Challenge is a 4 to 8 week challenge that yields great results in the form of weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, and will improve overall health. Are you ready to take the challenge? Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Then the Nutrition Challenge is for you. We will help you to set goals, make smarter food choices, identify poor eating triggers, solve your nutrition problems and make you successful.  

Now is the time to take advantage of the True Fitness Boot Camp Nutrition Challenge. Become your own success story by registering today!! We remove all the guess work out of losing weight by allowing us to manage your calories for you. We will choose some of the best foods and recipes for weight loss and show you how to prepare great tasting, healthy, and nutritious dishes. 

What can I expect from the Nutrition Challenge?

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased bloating
  • Improved digestion
  • Learn weight management techniques using with the right amount of calories
  • Identify foods that cause weight gain
  • Make better food choices
  • Cook and prepare delicious healthy meals
  • Achieve a more healthy, glowing complexion from detoxing with the proper nutrition
  • Be more productive in your home life, work and business by feeling great and maintaining focus.

 What is included in the 4-8 week Nutrition Challenge?

  • 4-8 weeks of nutritional coaching
  • Meal plan
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Before and after photo
  • Weekly follow up
  • On-line support 7 days a week
  • Nutritional education
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Goal Setting
  • Food log assessment
  • Dietary follow up
  • Calorie intake assessment
  • Customized nutrition program


Q: How is this the Nutrition Challenge different from the nutrition coaching in other programs? Instead of quick tips and tricks here and there, we will be taking you through a 4 to 8 week comprehensive nutritional program that will make you more food conscious, help with weight management and improve your overall health. We will be focusing exclusively on you and your fitness nutrition goals.

Q: What do I do after I have completed the 4 or 8 week Nutrition Challenge? Sign up for another nutrition program in order to continue seeing the results you want.

Q: How much weight loss should I expect? Our results tend to exceed our clients expectations.

Q: What is the difference between the 4 week and the 8 week option? Both programs are the great. However, the 8 week option will enhance your results because it is a longer program. The 8 week option includes more menu items and recipes. There is also a price break on the 8 week option. By incorporating a personalize nutrition program along with our boot camp package, you will expedite your results!

Q: What is my investment?

30 day challenge (4 week program)-$89

60 day challenge (8 week Program)-$129           

Success Stories:

"I knew it was time for a change and I had to do something about losing weight so I took the Nutrition Challenge. I liked that I had a set meal plan to eat from. It was easy to get the plans emailed to me and then buy everything I needed to eat for the week. It made things much easier than having to try to think of things to eat everyday of the week. I lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks with the Nutrition Challenge which it gave me the confidence to join the boot camp and succeed at it as well. I feel like if I can do it anyone can. I needed the encouragement and nutritional guidance that the program provides. Having to keep track of everything I ate was very helpful. I am amazed at my results and will continue use the Nutrition Challenge menus in the future." 
-Danielle B.    

"I participated in the Nutrition Challenge for 4 weeks and can honestly say that it was a life changer!  Being someone that was addicted to coffee in the morning, a large diet pepsi in the afternoon, eating bread and cheese frequently and sweet snacks almost daily, the challenge was definitely that - a CHALLENGE!  But, I was tired of feeling tired and having no energy all of the time, and was ready to make positive changes in my life, no matter what I had to give up.  It didn't take long after starting the challenge to really feel the difference in my body (by the end of week 1).  I was way less bloated, and pants that were a little snug in the waist started loosening up. 

I felt very supported while doing the challenge and Nicole and Terrence motivated me to keep up the good work.  I especially found it helpful to learn about calorie counts in different foods as I had never really paid attention to calories (and they can add up fast!).  During the challenge I also made my first trips to the co-op and to Whole Foods - places that you could spend an hour in just wandering the aisles and checking out all the things that you don't see in "regular" grocery stores.  During the 4 weeks, I lost a total of 7.4 lbs and 6.5 inches and I am committed to keeping the weight off.  I feel that the Nutrition Challenge would be beneficial for everyone and highly recommend giving it a shot!" 
- Lisa Schwieso

"Nutrition challenge what?? That's exactly what I said, until I got desperate one day and decided to take the challenge. I knew by taking the challenge it would force me to stick to my diet. I got great support from the True Team! I got emails, text messages and phone calls to get me where I needed to be. Without them I don't think I would have reached my goal. We all go through ups and downs with our weight and if you need a support team and accountability you got it here. The menus are doable and flexible.  I lost 16 pounds in one month! How's that for results?  "Boom" get your nutrition on like I did! It was the best decision I ever made."

"Through the Nutrition Challenge I have been successful in gaining knowledge of how certain foods help and breakdown in my body.  I now know what works for me and due to my body's limitations I have learned that I should not eat foods that are high in fat content.  In the beginning, my weight was not changing and Mr. T asked me to just try lowering my fat intake and it worked!  So both, Nicole and Mr. T challenge me to challenge myself and if I don't make it that week just get up and keep trying.  Every pound I lose, I am very grateful for their help and inspiration.  It really keeps me from giving up.  I really enjoy the personalized menu plans and counseling that I receive."


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Nutrition Challenge- Become Your Own Success Story

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